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Department of Education
Grimes State Office Building
400 E 14th St
Des Moines, IA 50319-0146

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Department of Education Personnel Directories

Office of the Director
Position Personnel Phone Fax
Director Ann Lebo 515-281-3436 515-242-5988
General Counsel Thomas Mayes 515-281-8661 515-242-5988
Operations and Initiatives
Position Personnel Phone Fax
Chief of Staff/Deputy Director Shanlyn Seivert 515-326-5595 515-242-5988
Attorney (Special Education) Rachel Bosovich 515-242-5614 515-242-5988
Legislative Liaison Eric St Clair 515-326-0274 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau Communications and Information Services Heather Doe 515-281-7967 515-242-5988
Community Colleges and Workforce Preparation
Position Personnel Phone Fax
Administrator Jeremy Varner 515-281-8260 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau of Community Colleges Amy Gieseke 515-858-2234 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau of Career and Technical Education Dennis Harden 515-281-4716 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau of Learner Strategies and Supports (Learning and Results) Brad Niebling 515-326-2147 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau of School Improvement (Learning and Results) Janell Brandhorst 515-281-3033 515-242-5988
Division of School Finance and Support Services
Position Personnel Phone Fax
Administrator Earl Whipple 515-250-3728 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau of Accounting Mark Vandenberg 515-281-8471 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau of Information Technology Services Bryan Bauer 515-725-2225 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau of School Business Operations Kassandra Cline 515-326-2242 515-242-5988
Information Technology Specialist, Bureau of Information Technology Services Todd Waddell 515-242-6878 515-242-5988
Executive Officer, Office of Internal Administrative Services Angela James 515-281-3646 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau of Information and Analysis Services (Learning and Results) Jay Pennington 515-326-1017 515-242-5988
Chief, Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services  (Learning and Results) Kala Shipley 515-281-4757 515-242-5988

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