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August 2014 State Board Meeting Agenda


Times are approximate and may need to be adjusted.

Thursday, August 7, 2014
State Board Room, Grimes State Office Building
State Board Work Session

9:30 - 10:00 a.m.

Community College Orientation (Community College Orientation Work Session Tab A)

Thursday, August 7, 2014
State Board Room, Grimes State Office Building
State Board Business Meeting

10:00 a.m.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approve the Agenda
  3. Communication
    1. Public Comment
    2. Director's Report
  4. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes (June Draft Minutes Tab B)
    2. Online Practitioner Preparation Program Approvals (Online Practitioner Preparation Programs Tab C)
      • Arizona State University
      • Concordia University
    3. Rules: Chapter 97 - Supplementary Weighting (Adopt) (Chapter 97 Rules Adopt Tab D)
    4. Rules: Chapter 6 - Appeal Procedures (Adopt) (Chapter 6 Rules Adopt Tab E)

10:15 a.m.

  1. Rules 48: Statewide Work-Based Learning Intermediary Network (Notice) (Chapter 48 Rules Notice Tab F)

10:30 a.m.

  1. State Board Policy Development Priorities 2014-2015 (Policy Development Priorities Tab G)

10:45 a.m. 


11:00 a.m.

  1. Practitioner Preparation Program Accreditation (Practitioner Preparation Accreditation Tab H)
    1. Central College
    2. Waldorf College

11:30 a.m.

  1. Regents Alternative Pathway to Iowa Licensure - Request for Approval of Program Changes (RAPIL Tab I)

11:45 a.m.

  1. Community College Accreditation Reports (Community College Accreditation Reports Tab J)
    • Indian Hills Community College (Comprehensive Report)
    • Iowa Lakes Community College (Interim Report)
    • Iowa Valley Community College District (Interim Report)
    • Northeast Iowa Community College (Interim Report)
    • Southwestern Community College (Interim Report)

12:15 p.m.


1:00 p.m.

  1. Update on Work to Continuously Improve Educator Preparation in Iowa (Educator Preparation Tab K)

2:15 p.m.


2:30 p.m.

  1. Assessment - Current Context, State Board Responsibilities, New Information (Assessment Tab L)

3:30 p.m.

  1. Interim Progress Report on the Work of the Secondary Career and Technical Education Task Force (CTE Report Tab M)

3:45 p.m.

  1. Board Reports

4:00 p.m.


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