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Upcoming professional development opportunity provides hands-on experiences

Date: Monday, April 4, 2022
Educators are invited to take part in hands-on learning this summer.

A new opportunity to increase quality work-based learning experiences in Iowa schools is coming soon for educators across the state.

Provided through a public-private partnership with the Iowa Intermediary Network, Iowa’s Area Education Agencies, Iowa Business Council and Iowa Association of Business and Industry, the Educators in the Workplace Program offers teachers a first-hand look at work-based learning opportunities and what they can offer their students.

“The Educators in the Workplace Program provides an on-site glimpse into what work-based learning opportunities are actually like,” said Kristy Volesky, Iowa Department of Education consultant for work-based learning. “Teachers can also get a better understanding of the workforce needs in their area and how education can align with business.”

The program takes an innovative approach by condensing the enriched experience within a one-week timeframe. It is anticipated that the week-long time commitment will allow for more educators to fit the training opportunity into their schedules.

Teachers can get on-site work-based learning experiences through the Educators in the Workplace Program.

“Although the experience is capped at a week, there is still a lot of learning that takes place,” Volesky said. “All experiences can be taken back to the classroom and shared with students to enhance curriculum and future career exploration.”

All participants of the Educators in the Workplace Program will receive continuing education credits and a $1,000 stipend.

The Educators in the Workplace Program is now accepting registrations. Iowa administrators and teachers from all grade levels, elementary through high school, are welcome to participate. Placements for the program will take place during summer break.

Additional information for the Educators in the Workplace Program can be found on the Iowa Intermediary Network’s website.