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Save the date!

Date: Friday, November 19, 2021

Registration will begin soon for the 7th Emerging Educators Academy at Drake University on Jan. 22. 

The conference, sponsored by the Outstanding Educators’ Academy of the Iowa Department of Education, along with the Iowa State Education Association and Drake University's School of Education, is for all pre-service and first- through third-year teachers and their mentors.

This year attendees will work on “Filling in the gaps” that students and educators are navigating after last year. The breakout sessions will focus on building classroom culture and community, mental health and fostering a love of teaching. Participants will also spend time with both student and teacher panels exploring classroom responses to the unique challenges of the last year in education.

There will be several special keynote addresses as well as time for teams to discuss learning and plans for success in their schools.

Registration will begin soon, please pay attention to updates and social media from the Department of Education and Iowa State Education Association. The registration fee will be $30, and covers materials, lunch, snacks, and a gift for attending.