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Annual Report on Iowa’s Community Colleges now available

Thursday, January 28, 2021

DES MOINES – The Iowa Department of Education today released the latest edition of an annual report with state-level data and information about Iowa’s community colleges.

The Condition of Iowa’s Community Colleges report includes data on programs and services, student enrollment and demographics, student success and completion, college costs and affordability, instructional staff salaries and characteristics and financial information. The report also includes success stories that illustrate how community colleges impact Iowans and the economy.
“The information provided in this report shows the range and depth of services community colleges provide to serve the needs of their students and communities,” said Iowa Department of Education Director Ann Lebo. “From high school students earning college credit to displaced workers seeking new skills, Iowa’s community colleges are critical partners in ensuring equitable access and opportunity to the education and training Iowans need for some of our state’s most high-demand jobs.”

Highlights from the report are from the 2019-20 school year unless otherwise noted:
127,013: The number of students enrolled in community college credit courses, down 1.3 percent from 128,624 the year before.

51,800: The number of students who enrolled in college courses while in high school (known as joint enrollment), up 2.4 percent from 50,587 the year before. Jointly enrolled high school students account for 40.8 percent of total community college enrollees and 25.6 percent of total credit hours.

69,614: The number of students enrolled in online credit courses, which represents a record high. This is an 11 percent increase from 62,731 the previous year. Online noncredit enrollment increased 15.5 percent to 14,123 students, up from 12,234 students in the year prior.

23.7%: The percent of community college enrollment from racial and ethnic minority groups, which represents a record high.

37.9%: The percent of all Career and Technical Education awards granted that are in a Health Science program of study.

16,413: The number of credit awards earned (associate degrees, certificates and diplomas), down 5.5 percent from 17,377 the previous year.

35,540: The number of noncredit program awards, down from 43,538 the year before. The majority of these awards (76.8 percent) were industry-awarded credentials designed to lead to or enhance employment opportunities.

In addition, disaggregated data tables and interactive data visualization tools are also available on the Publications webpage of the Department’s website to accompany the report.

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