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Schools honored for creating safe, positive environments 2019-2020

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Iowa Department of Education has awarded schools statewide for their work on implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). PBIS is a multi-tiered system of support for academics and behavior which provides the framework for school districts to implement and monitor prevention and intervention practices for both virtual and face-to-face instruction.

PBIS is not a curriculum that schools’ purchase or something they “do” to their students. Instead, Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports focuses on conditions to support learning by providing positive, predictable and safe environments. PBIS has been shown to reduce major disciplinary infractions, reduce out-of-school suspension, improve prosocial behavior, boost academic achievement and improve school climate.

Following are the schools and award levels for which they were honored.


These schools completed training during the 2019-20 school year and developed all of the products needed to begin implementation. They were ready to roll out their PBIS plan in the fall of 2020. The following schools met criteria for the Emerging level:

  • Bettendorf Middle School, Bettendorf CSD (Mississippi Bend)
  • Smart Junior High, Davenport CSD (Mississippi Bend)
  • Woodbury Central Middle/High School, Woodbury Central CSD (Northwest)


Schools that earn the Honor level award have rolled out their PBIS plan to students, staff and families. They have identified and taught behavioral expectations and implemented systems to develop a consistent response to appropriate and problem behaviors. The building team meets regularly and is using data to inform decisions.

  • Amana Elementary, Clear Creek CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Central Ward Elementary, Centerville CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Colfax-Mingo Elementary, Colfax-Mingo CSD (Heartland)
  • Edwards Elementary, Ames CSD (Heartland)
  • Fillmore Elementary, Davenport CSD (Mississippi Bend)
  • Guthrie Center Elementary, Guthrie Center CSD (Heartland)
  • Keota Elementary, Keota CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Longfellow Elementary, Marion Independent School District (Grant Wood)
  • McKinley Elementary, Davenport CSD (Mississippi Bend)
  • Monroe Elementary, Davenport CSD (Mississippi Bend)
  • Salem Elementary, Mount Pleasant CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Southeast Polk Junior High, Southeast Polk CSD (Heartland)
  • Spring Creek 6th Grade Center, Southeast Polk CSD (Heartland)
  • Stilwell Junior High, West Des Moines CSD (Heartland)
  • Wapello Junior/Senior High, Wapello CSD (Great Prairie)
  • West Elementary, Knoxville CSD (Heartland)

Honor Plus

Honor Plus is awarded to schools that are implementing universal features with fidelity. Additionally, classroom systems and family/community involvement are included in their plan. These schools are developing Tier 2 systems and have defined a decision rule to identify students who may benefit from additional support.

  • Altoona Elementary, Southeast Polk CSD (Heartland)
  • Anamosa Middle School, Anamosa CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Central Lee Elementary, Central Lee CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Central Lee High School, Central Lee CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Central Lee Middle School, Central Lee CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Chariton Middle School, Chariton CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Grandwood Education Center, Woodward Granger CSD (Heartland)
  • Grant Center Elementary, Albia CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Lakeview Elementary, Centerville CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Lincoln Center Elementary, Albia CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Lincoln Elementary, Pella CSD (Heartland)
  • Mount Pleasant High School, Mount Pleasant CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Mount Pleasant Middle School, Mount Pleasant CSD (Great Prairie)
  • St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School, Diocese of Des Moines (Heartland)
  • Van Allen Elementary, Mount Pleasant CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Wapello Elementary, Wapello CSD (Great Prairie)
  • West Burlington Elementary, West Burlington ISD (Great Prairie)
  • West Burlington Junior/Senior High School, West Burlington ISD (Great Prairie)
  • West High School, Sioux City CSD (Northwest)


Banner schools are sustaining universal systems and practices. Students are accessing interventions such as Check in/Check out and 50 percent are responding positively to the support. The Tier 2 team engages families and staff and uses a daily progress report to monitor student response to additional supports.

  • Beaver Creek Elementary, Johnston CSD (Heartland)
  • Center Point-Urbana Intermediate, Center Point-Urbana CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Center Point-Urbana Primary, Center Point-Urbana CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Clay Elementary, Southeast Polk CSD (Heartland)
  • Clay Central-Everly Elementary, Clay Central-Everly CSD (Prairie Lakes)
  • Echo Hill Elementary, Linn-Mar CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Four Mile Elementary, Southeast Polk CSD (Heartland)
  • Harlan Elementary, Mount Pleasant CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Hoover Elementary, Mason City CSD (Central Rivers)
  • Mitchellville Elementary, Southeast Polk CSD (Heartland)
  • Monroe Elementary, Prairie City Monroe CSD (PCM); (Heartland)
  • Novak Elementary, Linn-Mar CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Prairie City Elementary, Prairie City Monroe CSD (PCM); (Heartland)
  • Prairie Hill Elementary, College CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Roosevelt Middle School, Dubuque CSD (Keystone)

Banner Plus

To earn Banner Plus, teams have met fidelity for Tier 2, are providing more than one Tier 2 intervention to meet students’ needs; and through progress monitoring, are able to show that 70 percent of students are responding positively to Tier 2 supports. Banner Plus schools are beginning to develop Tier 3 systems.

  • Anderson Elementary, Bondurant-Farrar (Heartland)
  • Delaware Elementary, Southeast Polk CSD (Heartland)
  • Emerson Hough Elementary, Newton CSD (Heartland)
  • Excelsior Middle School, Linn-Mar CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary, Indianola CSD (Heartland)
  • Lincoln Elementary, Mount Pleasant CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Midland Middle/High School, Midland CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Monticello High School, Monticello CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Morris Elementary, Bondurant-Farrar CSD (Heartland)
  • Oskaloosa Middle School, Oskaloosa CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Pleasantville Elementary, Pleasantville CSD (Heartland)
  • Roosevelt Elementary, Mason City CSD (Central Rivers)
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary, Newton CSD (Heartland)
  • Winfield-Mt. Union Elementary, Winfield-Mt. Union CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Newton CSD (Heartland)


Paramount recognition includes those school-based teams who have completed Tier 3 training, are sustaining Tiers 1 and 2, and are building a continuum of support. Schools awarded have a team that builds and implements Tier 3 behavior support plans for those students needing intensive supports.

  • Elizabeth Tate Alternative High School, Iowa City CSD (Grant Wood)
  • Gehlen Catholic Elementary, Gehlen Catholic (Northwest)
  • Oskaloosa Elementary, Oskaloosa CSD (Great Prairie)
  • Spalding Park Elementary, Sioux City CSD (Northwest)
  • South O’Brien Elementary, South O’Brien CSD (Northwest)
  • West Monona Elementary, West Monona CSD (Northwest)


The school-based team has completed all Tiers of training and is sustaining all Tiers. Schools have maintained fidelity of implementation at all Tiers for at least three years, with the last year reaching a high level of fidelity. Becoming a Model School is a great achievement and represents PBIS Implementation at the highest level.

  • Expo Alternative Learning Center, Waterloo CSD (Central Rivers)
  • Lincoln Elementary, Charles City CSD (Central Rivers)
  • Washington Elementary, Charles City CSD (Central Rivers)
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