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Does your district need face masks? Get your order in

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, in partnership with the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa Department of Public Health, has been tasked with distributing cloth face masks provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for use by students, faculty and staff at public and private K-12 schools in Iowa. This distribution places emphasis on students from low-income backgrounds and schools providing in-person instruction.

This distribution is separate from a prior personal protective equipment school distribution done at the beginning of the school year to public institutions and ONLY includes cloth masks. If your district or nonpublic school system has an unmet need or gap in cloth masks, we ask that you complete the following actions to request masks:

  • To request masks, please contact your local County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).
  • Requests for masks should be submitted for a whole district/private school system in one request. Please compile/combine the mask needs of each individual school/facility within your district/system and make a single, combined request.  If your school is not associated with a school district/system, you can put in a request on your own.
  • School districts and private school systems should request a 30-day supply of cloth masks to limit the frequency of requests.
  • Requests for masks must be made in increments of 500 due to the way the masks are packaged. For example, if your school district needs 325 masks, please request 500.  If the need is for 850 masks, request 1,000, etc.
  • Masks will be delivered to the county EMA and each school district/system will coordinate with the EMA to arrange to retrieve their requested masks.

Please note that the masks currently available for distribution are adult-sized. We anticipate child-sized masks will be available sometime in October. You will be notified when these are available for request.

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