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Child and Adult Care Food Program Local Food Makes Cents

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Partners within the Iowa Farm to School and Early Care Coalition have been awarded a Farm to Early Care and Education Implementation Grant (FIG) from the Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN).
One of the grant strategies focuses on improving child nutrition by investing in Iowa agriculture through a Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) incentive pilot. The pilot, Local Food Makes Cents: For Iowa Kids and Farmers will include offering over $40,000 to eligible centers and home providers participating in the CACFP to purchase local foods from Iowa farmers, food hubs and farmers markets.
Reimbursement, administered by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, will occur after the purchase of local foods takes place and the foods are incorporated into a CACFP reimbursable meal or snack. Each center/provider participating in CACFP is eligible for reimbursement based on the number of meals served and a funding model of 10 cents/meal that includes local food. Providers must spend a minimum 50 percent of grant funds on local fruits and vegetables.

You can watch a prerecorded webinar here.

The application can be found here.  Contact Patti Delger at or 515-281-5676 with questions.

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