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More equity webinars added - update your calendars

Monday, December 21, 2020

It’s again time to update your calendars for the Iowa Department of Education’s webinar series Social Justice and Equity in Education.

These are the last of the scheduled webinars. They will be followed by a virtual equity conference in March.

All webinars run from 3 to 4:30. Preregistration is necessary.

Jan. 7

“Viewing Homeless Education Programs Through An Equity Lens” by Carolyn Cobb, Iowa Department of Education state homeless coordinator. Cobb will be joined by Julia Sullivan and Tiffany Wood from Iowa State University and Emily Teeter from the Cedar Rapids Community School District. 

This session aims to inform educational organizations about homelessness, so that myths and stereotypes can give way to better informed decision-making processes. Presentation focuses on the importance of equity to McKinney Vento programming, PK-12 and college-level considerations, outreach and identification of students, service delivery, policy review and framing equity in your community. Webinar attendees will also be provided with resources.

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Jan. 21

"Supporting Our Migrant Students" by Geri McMahon of the Iowa Department of Education, Brent Zirkel from Williamsburg Community School District, Stacey Cole from Storm Lake Community School District and migrant education coordinators Alex Johnson and April Dameron. In this webinar, participants will learn the definition of a migrant student, receive an overview of the migrant education program in Iowa and hear from local migrant education programs about their paths for meeting migrant students’ needs. Participants will leave the webinar with a new understanding of some of the practices for supporting migrant students and strategies for how to advocate for their academic success.

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Feb. 4

"Youth Voice, Education, and What Actually Works" An engaging look at the youth experience through the youth perspective. In this webinar, we will confront youth participation barriers by discussing adultism, youth engagement, and student support and equity. Get all the tea from five Gen Z students and the Iowa Department of Human Rights staff on how to improve your learning environment for the new decade.

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Feb. 18

"Creating Restorative Schools and Classrooms" features Justin Blietz, director of Culture and Climate Transformation for the Cedar Rapids Community School District. During this interactive presentation, participants will learn about the “why” behind restorative practices. Racial unrest, the global pandemic and other social issues have created a polarizing climate in schools that is impacting the health and well being of students and staff alike. Restorative practices provide a framework for building community and repairing harm while promoting a safe school climate. Participants will leave this session with specific skills to support the implementation of restorative practices in their setting.

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