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New, improved Teach Iowa launches Nov. 3

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Teach Iowa is transitioning to a new platform beginning Nov. 3, and schools will need to transfer all job postings to the new system no later than Dec. 31.

The Iowa Department of Education will be using PowerSchool as its new vendor. The new site is being designed to be more user friendly.

School staff who post jobs on the old Teach Iowa website will need to train with PowerSchool to learn how to use the new platform. PowerSchool representatives are currently scheduling training sessions for human resource administrators and hiring managers. 

Those seeking jobs also will be affected. Applicants will need to create a new profile and application in the new system in order to be considered for a job.

Please note that nothing will transfer from the old system to the new one. After Dec. 31, the current Teach Iowa job board and applicant tracking system will no longer be available and information stored in that system will not be accessible to employers. All jobs will need to be closed or reposted in the new system.

In addition, all applicants will need to create an application in the new Teach Iowa system. 

All public schools are required and accredited nonpublic schools are allowed, by Iowa code, to post all education-related jobs on the Teach Iowa job board. 

Schools and Area Education Agencies may also use the free Teach Iowa applicant tracking system or may choose to purchase their own applicant tracking system.

Read more about the Teach Iowa transition.

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