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Put these equity webinars on your calendars!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

It’s time to get the next round of webinars on your calendar for the Iowa Department of Education’s Social Justice and Equity in Education series. Each webinar runs from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Please note participants must register for each of the webinars.

Oct. 8: "COVID-19 and Class Disparities" by General Counsel Thomas Mayes of the Iowa Department of Education.

Mayes will explore how COVID-19 has increased disparities based on class. COVID-19 has also increased poverty and widened wealth gaps. This webinar will focus on how school communities can identify those disparities and respond to them. Attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions.

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Oct. 22: "Numbers Don’t Speak for Themselves: Interpreting and Critiquing Data from a Social Justice Lens" by Ann Gansemer-Topf, an associate professor of higher education and student affairs at Iowa State University.

Gansemer-Topf will address that despite data being critical tools for educators, the data doesn’t always tell the entire story. For instance, when we provide graduation rates or performance metrics, what are the assumptions we use to interpret this data and how might these assumptions overlook marginalized and minoritized students and schools? Through the use of examples, this session will provide participants with some simple tools and questions they can use when critiquing and understanding data from a social justice and equity lens.

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Oct. 29: Special edition webinar - Equity coordinators updates: "A policy and procedures refresher course designed for equity coordinators" by Iowa Department of Education Consultants Jeanette Thomas, Janet Boyd and Pam Spangler.

Participants will learn the requirements of the role and function of the equity coordinator in both secondary and postsecondary institutions, how the functions may be assigned to one or more individuals for programs and employment, who should not be the equity coordinator, and requirements for notification of the contact information of the coordinator. Participants will receive samples of checklists to document the activities of the coordinator.

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Nov. 5 - (2 presentations will be combined)

Presentation 1: "Inclusive Schools & Communities for Queer Youth" by Nate Monson, executive director for the Iowa Safe Schools.
This webinar will dive deeply into the challenges facing LGBTQ youth in 2020. According to The Trevor Project's recent data, 40% of all LGBTQ youth have seriously considered suicide this year. Educators and community members play a critical role in creating safe, supportive, and affirming schools for LGBTQ youth.

Presentation 2: "Know Your Rights: Supporting Trans Students" by Jordan Mix, deputy director of education at Iowa Safe Schools.
In this webinar, participants will learn about what it means to be transgender, common obstacles facing transgender students, and state and federal rights protecting trans students in schools. Participants will leave the webinar with a new understanding of best-practices for teaching and supporting trans students, and strategies for how to advocate for their academic success.

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