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Students join state board equity committee

Monday, September 28, 2020

Seven students from across the state have been named to join the State Board of Education’s equity committee. They are:

  • Andy Montalvo-Martínez, 12th grade, Des Moines Public Schools
  • Klaudia Hernandez, 12th grade, Marshalltown Community School District
  • Makenzie Dahlstrom, 11th grade, Pekin School District
  • Mariam Bastawros, 12th grade, Gilbert Community School
  • Rahma Elsheikh, 12th grade, Cedar Rapids Community School District
  • Ronesha McClellan, 11th grade, Dubuque Community School District
  • Rylee Boulden, 11th grade, Waterloo Community School District

“The state board’s equity committee wants to ensure that every voice is heard,” said state board member Kimberly Wayne. “What better way than to bring students into the fold?”

The students will join seven adults on the committee, whose mission is to ensure equity in education.

The State Board developed principles to guide decisions to keep equity embedded in policies and practices and at the forefront of its work. The board acknowledged that removing disparities in the education system is a long-term process, requiring continual efforts that are integral to the success of an equitable Iowa educational system.

The committee’s goals in ensuring equity in education include:

  • Ensure preservice educators are prepared to teach in inclusive and diverse classrooms
  • Ensure continuing education for in-service educators and leaders to achieve equitable outcomes
  • Attract, recruit, retain, and promote educators who represent the student population they serve
  • Develop partnerships with underserved students and families to drive policies, practices, and resources that are equitable to close the educational gaps

The state board’s guiding principles in equity include:

  • Understand, acknowledge, and address the history and systems that have led to disparities in education to create a system of belief that all students can succeed
  • Every student must have equitable access to rigorous learning opportunities
  • Recruitment and retention initiatives of educators that reflect the student population is key to creating an inclusive and equitable school environment
  • Collaboration among students, educators, community members, policy members and other stakeholders is central to the success of serving all students in the collective process of creating equitable policies and practices
  • Dedicate time, funding, and labor resources to address and eliminate disparities
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