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Iowa Department of Education releases statement on the State Board of Education’s decision to replace district leadership in Davenport, following a 3-year process

Friday, September 25, 2020

Following the decision made today by the State Board of Education regarding the Davenport Community School District, the Department of Education is releasing the following statement:

The Iowa Department of Education has made every effort over the past three years to work with the Davenport Community School District to address inequities in how minority students are disciplined, inadequate special education services, and serious school safety concerns. The district’s consistent failure to make progress led the Department to recommend that the State Board of Education replace the superintendent and chief financial officer, which it voted to do today. This call for a change in leadership is a step warranted by Davenport top school officials’ inaction.

Every step of the way, the Department and the State Board have been explicit with Davenport’s school officials about what actions were needed and when. That includes conditional accreditation with a corrective action plan. The Department provided extensive support, including thousands of hours working with the district, from administration to school board members. On Sept. 8, the district submitted a final report lacking sufficient progress and data on required performance measures to address school safety concerns and to ensure minority students and those receiving special education services are treated fairly and equitably, demonstrating continued disregard for the best interests of its students. The district also failed to demonstrate significant progress on measures of financial stability.

The State Board’s decision today to replace the district’s superintendent and chief financial officer is a critical step toward ensuring Davenport students and families receive a quality education in the safe and secure environment they deserve.

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