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Flexibility is key for upcoming school year

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Our schools are cornerstones in our communities where relationships are developed, passions are nurtured, and strong ties are built. They also play a critical role in supporting the whole child, not just their academic achievement. And while it is important to safely open schools this fall, navigating the school year during a pandemic means being flexible and quickly adapting to changing conditions.

Being flexible involves more than having contingency plans. It also means knowing when to change a course of action using data-driven measures to make informed decisions on how schools may best serve their communities. Supporting you throughout this process continues to be our priority as we strive to find our way forward through these challenging times.

We have heard from many families and educators over the past few weeks, and all are passionate about doing what is best. No matter the concern, we all share a common goal of wanting our students to return to a high-quality education environment. Different plans across the state show that there is not just one way to return to school and we will be highlighting examples from different school districts on our website next week.

During these times it is important to focus our efforts on what we can control. We can plan for a range of scenarios and educational delivery methods for the school year so we aren’t caught off guard. And we can and will continue to work together with schools, public health experts and other partners to make sound and informed decisions to support our families, schools and communities.

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