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An equitable approach to teaching. Check out this webinar

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The state of Iowa is partnering with UnboundEd to help schools bring grade-level access to academic standards for all students.

UnboundEd, a nonprofit that brings the Standards Institute professional learning to educators nationwide, provides educators with standards-aligned resources and professional learning to effectively implement the standards. The partnership will enhance districts’ Return to Learn plans, in which Iowa Academic Standards must be addressed.

Focusing on unfinished classroom work before all students have achieved grade-level learning, or remediation, is an inequitable approach. Instead, the evidence-based approach is to maximize opportunities for grade-level learning and address unfinished teaching and learning, just-in-time, in the context of grade-level learning. This approach both deepens and extends student learning.

In collaboration with the Department of Education and the Iowa AEA system, UnboundEd developed three short (1-2 hours each) professional learning modules housed on AEA Learning Online for Iowa educators to use. These modules will be released this week. The audience for the modules is educators: teachers, teacher leaders, curriculum directors, administrators, AEA consultants, etc.

Before the release of the modules, there will be a webinar on June 18 at 1 p.m. for Iowa leaders in education to learn about the content and interact with UnboundEd experts to identify if and how these would be best utilized in districts and noted in the Return to Learn plans.

If a district or AEA desires to offer a one-credit relicensure course so educators may learn more about these topics, UnboundEd is creating a syllabus to be paired with the modules totaling 15 hours of learning.

Here are the modules:

UnboundEd Equitable Instruction Module #1:

Assess Student Needs with the Standards as a Foundation

To understand student learning needs, we must begin with grade-level learning and provide just-in-time support to address unfinished instruction focused on necessary prerequisites. This module addresses how to use content standards as a foundation for fostering equity. We frame students’ grade-level learning needs within the standards’ staircase of complexity to illuminate access points for grade-level learning.

UnboundEd Equitable Instruction Module #2:

Focusing Lessons to Match the Curriculum with Student Needs

To meet students’ needs, we need a clear sense of what our grade-level lessons are asking students to learn. This module introduces a daily process for analyzing lessons to develop clear, focused objectives. This focus allows us to shift our attention from what students are doing to what students are learning so that we are well-prepared to teach grade-level material, and when required, to scaffold instruction for equity.

UnboundEd Equitable Instruction Module #3:

Accelerate Student Learning by Scaffolding for Equity

To accelerate student learning, students must engage in grade-level work. We know that some students will require support to access this grade-level learning. This module will demonstrate a lesson analysis process that frames how to create supports and scaffolds that accelerate student learning by maintaining the equitable, grade-level goals of a lesson.

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