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AEL Unified State Plan Comments

The draft of the Iowa Unified State Plan will include modifications only in regards to where Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) is referenced as necessary to these sections of the plan - III. Operational Planning Elements (a)(2)(A-I); (b)(5)(B); and IV. Program Specific Requirements for Core Programs: Adult Education and Family Literacy Program (a-f).

Before the final modifications are posted for federal review on March 15, public comment is encouraged. Individuals and organizations are more than welcome to ask questions, request clarifications, express concerns and suggest improvements. Comments are also welcome in areas where no original content had been submitted. A response document will be posted by the department indicating if a change to the draft document was made and a link to a final version of the modifications submitted for Title II will be posted on the department webpage.

A contact name, email address and organization is optional, and will be used only in case of needed clarifications related to the posted question or comment, those details will not be posted to the response document. To ensure comments are incorporated into the changes of the plan, it is required to note the referenced section of the plan and the specific page number. Once submitted all comments will be forwarded to Alex Harris, State Director for Adult Education and Literacy.

Please indicate the section of the report you are referencing with your comment
Please indicate the page number of the report that you are referencing with your comment

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