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The Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Preparation generates a variety of reports. Click on the tab below to view more information about the report listed.

Condition of Community Colleges

2022 Annual Condition of Iowa's Community Colleges

The Annual Condition of Iowa's Community Colleges AY 2021-2022 Tables

Individual Data Tables for the 2022 Condition of Iowa's Community College

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Interactive Charts and Data Sets

Use visualization to interact with data or graph, create custom views, filter, sort, aggregate, and download for immediate presentation or further analysis.

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Iowa Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors and Employment Demand

The interactive map below illustrates the concentration of employment demand, by Iowa community college area, and the number of registered apprenticeship sponsors by zip code.

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Condition of Secondary Career and Technical Education

Contact: Dennis Harden 515-314-7852

The Annual Condition of Secondary Career and Technical Education Report provides information on trends in secondary CTE courses and programs, enrollment, student characteristics, and instructors based on data collected by the Iowa Department of Education. The reports also describe the four areas of focused policy interest for implementing high-quality CTE throughout the state. Information provided in the reports set the stage for aligning HF2392 implementation with the development of the State Plan required under Perkins V.

2023 Annual Condition of Secondary Career and Technical Education

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Program Outcomes

Contact: Paula Nissen 515-418-8273

Iowa’s community colleges offer a wide variety of education and training programs designed to meet state and regional economic needs. Program outcomes research is conducted to assist colleges in determining the effectiveness of their educational programming as it relates to the students’ transition into the workforce.

Economic Impact of Community Colleges

Contact: Paula Nissen 515-418-8273

Iowa’s 15 community colleges provide a solid return on investment for both students and the state, according to the independent study conducted by Emsi Burning Glass. Emsi used academic and financial reports from the community colleges, as well as earnings and employment outcomes data from the Iowa Department of Education’s Division of Community Colleges & Workforce Preparation and the Iowa Workforce Development’s Labor Market Information Division.

The statewide study, Analysis of the Economic Impact and Return on Investment of Education, found that Iowa’s community colleges collectively contributed $5.5 billion to the state’s economy and supported 87,149 jobs, roughly 1 out of every 23 jobs in Iowa, during fiscal year 2019-2020. 

The Economic Value of Iowa's Community Colleges - Full Report

Executive Summary

Fact Sheet

Fall Enrollment Report

Contact: Lisa Gard 515-418-3156

A report detailing the community college fall credit headcount and total credit hours with full-time and part-time student enrollment data.

2023 Iowa Community Colleges Fall Enrollment Report

2023 Fall Enrollment Data Tables

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Joint Enrollment

Contact: Heather Meissen 515-326-5378

This annual report documents the fiscal year high school enrollment at community colleges. 

Iowa Community Colleges Joint Enrollment Annual Report AY22

Joint Enrollment Infographic AY22

Outcomes of Jointly Enrolled Students in Iowa: A study of the 2011 High School Graduation Cohort (2021) - The initial longitudinal report examines the impact of joint enrollment on the outcomes of the Iowa high school graduation cohort of spring 2011.

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Tuition and Fees Report

Contact: Lisa Gard 515-418-3156

The report includes trends among the 15 community colleges as well as comparisons to the Iowa regent universities and institutions nationwide.

FY24 Iowa Community Colleges Tuition and Fees Report

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Certified Budget Report

Contact: Eric St Clair 515-326-0274

Annually, each community college submits an approved budget to the Division of Community Colleges & Workforce Preparation for inclusion in the Certified Budget. This budget is used for determining tax levies.

FY 2023 Certified Budget Report

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Adult Education and Literacy

Effective July 1, 2023, Iowa's Adult Education and Literacy Programs will transition to Iowa Workforce Development to reflect programs and services primarily focused on workforce development and employment. This change is being made as part of a broader state government realignment to bring together entities that work with similar subject matter. Iowans can expect the same quality services from these programs, in addition to greater access to job services provided through IowaWORKS.

Adult Education and Literacy Annual Report Fiscal Year 2022

2022 Adult Education and Literacy in Iowa Fact Sheet

Iowa Adult Education and Literacy Overview

Previous Years

Developmental Education

Contact: Kelly Friesleben 515-868-2847

The Iowa Department of Education (Department) collects information on developmental education from Iowa’s 15 community colleges on an annual basis. Developmental education courses are offered in mathematics, reading, writing, English as a Second Language (ESL), and in other subject areas such as financial literacy and skill building. These courses do not count toward degrees, but typically must be completed by students who are considered academically underprepared before they can advance to introductory transfer-level courses.

The Annual Report of Developmental Education in Iowa Community Colleges, a statewide study, provides trend data on course enrollment, credit hours taken, student demographics, and course information as reported by colleges in the Department’s Management Information System (MIS) by fiscal year (FY) for student data before 2016-2017 and annual year (AY) for student data starting in 2016-2017.

2021 Annual Report of Developmental Education in Iowa Community Colleges

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Corrections Education

Contact: Amy Gieseke 515-858-2234

Iowa’s community colleges partner with the Iowa Department of Corrections to provide inmates with education, training and skills to help them successfully reenter our communities and build productive lives. Supporting second chances and successful reentry prepares individuals for life and employment, which reduces recidivism.

Iowa's Community Colleges Education in Correctional Facilities Employment and Recidivism Outcomes

Second Chances Through Education

Community College Leader Bulletin

The Community College Leader Bulletin is a monthly newsletter of the Iowa Department of Education's Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Preparation. The newsletter includes information on topics, issues and events relevant to community college stakeholders.

November 2023 Community College Leader Bulletin

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Iowa Skilled Workforce and Job Creation Fund

Contact: Paula Nissen 515-418-8273

Gap Tuition Assistance Program Fiscal Year 2022

Adult Education and Literacy Annual Report Fiscal Year 2022

Pathways for Academic Career and Employment (PACE) Report Fiscal Year 2022

Iowa Work-based Learning Intermediary Network Fiscal Year 2022

2022 Workforce Training and Economic Development Fund Annual Progress Report

2023 Workforce Training and Economic Development Fund Annual Plan

Special Reports

Associate of Professional Studies Pilot Outcomes Report 2023

Regional Center Site Location Study

Iowa Skilled Worker Pipeline Report - The Iowa Skilled Worker Pipeline report provides policy-makers, educators, and students with tangible results illustrating the number of issued community college credit awards by occupational category and how those awards relate to current and future in-demand occupations throughout the state of Iowa.

Sector Partnership and Career Pathway Advisory Council Overview and Survey Findings - December 2015

Iowa: Education and Workforce Trends through 2025 - This Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce report analyzes industry and occupational education requirements. The study projects that 68 percent of jobs in Iowa will require postsecondary education or training beyond high school by 2025.

Economic Returns and Career Transitions for Iowa Community Colleges - May 2010

Visualizing Transitions Poster

Community College Program Capacity Survey, Fall 2007 - Provides the results of a survey on community college program capacity conducted in the Fall of 2007.

Transfer Behavior/Postcollege Earnings of Iowa Community College Students
This document details the findings of research done on the transfer behavior of Iowa Community College students.

Transfer Behavior/Postcollege Earnings of Iowa Community College Students - State Board Presentation - PowerPoint on the transfer behavior of Iowa College students was presented to the State Board of Education.

2006 Report on Developing Bioscience/Biotechnology in Iowa

A&S/CTE Courses for Supplementary Weighting

2007 Career & Technical Education High School Report

Reengineering CTE Iowa - August 2007.