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Tuition Rate Approval

Most tuition rates do not require approval by the Iowa Department of Education, but must comply with 281 – IAC 21.2(11). However, certain tuition rates (reciprocal, consortia, or other) do require approval from the department. The following will govern department approval of reciprocal, consortia, and other tuition rates:

Reciprocal agreements: approved by the Iowa Department of Education;

Consortia: rate is not less than the lowest resident rate or higher than the highest nonresident rate of institutions within the consortium;

Other: rate is greater than the resident tuition rate and not less than the marginal cost of instruction.

Contact: Eric St Clair 515-725-0127

Please fill out and submit this form to obtain approval prior to requesting board action on a proposed rate requiring department approval.

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In the space below, please provide a description of the proposed tuition rate(s). Include in the description the effective fiscal or academic year; current and proposed rates; and any other pertinent information.

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