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Community Colleges Data Reporting

Community Colleges Data Reporting consists of a number of data sets collected annually to reflect most of the Iowa community colleges activities. Iowa community colleges report student enrollment, coursework, awards, college human resources, and financial data. This data reporting is mandated by the state law to serve informational, accountability, research, and reference needs for a variety of users, from policymakers to researchers, educational administrators, educators, media, and general public.

Accounting Manuals

The Accounting Manual is prepared by the Department of Education to assist community colleges in reporting data. It is revised on an as needed basis and includes information on the proper coding of the accounting functions on the community college information system. Any changes to the manuals are communicated to the community colleges by the Department of Education.

Community College Accounting Manual (effective beginning 7/1/14)

Previous Years

Contact: Jeremy Varner by phone at 515-281-8260 or email at with questions regarding the Accounting Manuals

MIS Data Submission Rules and Frequency

MIS data is submitted by Iowa community colleges twice every year: once for the annual scope and once for the Fall term of every academic year. Annual data is due by September 17, and Fall term data is due by October 7 of every calendar year.

Detailed rules and definitions for expected data are available in annual editions of MIS Reporting Manual and Data Glossary, published within user-specific data submission system, WebMIS. For the non-data-submission specialists, any edition of the Manual can be obtained upon request. 

Contact Vlad Bassis by phone at 515-281-3671 or email at:  with questions regarding the Reporting Manual and Data Glossary.