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Work-Based Learning Exploration Stage


Students explore careers that align with coursework in interest areas discovered through career awareness activities.

Authentic Projects

Authentic projects connect content learned in the classroom to real world applications through projects. Students complete community partner business projects through collaboration within their classroom and connections with industry partners.

For more information, visit: Connect with The Clearinghouse for Work-Based Learning.

Job Shadows

Job shadowing allows a student to explore a career by following an industry professional at the employment site for a short period of time. Informational interviews are often integrated into the experience to ensure a more in-depth understanding of the career field.

For more information, visit: Connect with your Local Intermediary to discover opportunities for your students and school district.


Students are provided an opportunity to research and develop a new business. The purpose of the entrepreneurship course is to allow students the opportunity to develop the pieces of a new business.

Example Program: BizInnovator allows the students to learn essential entrepreneurship components, earn college credit, and compete for cash prizes.

School-Based Enterprises

School-Based enterprises provide students with the opportunity to develop employability skills by running a school store. Prior to the hands-on opportunity of running various positions in the school store, classroom instruction needs to be provided on standards related to: operation, product services, management, pricing, distribution channel management, and promotion.


  • Standards required for the course to quality as the Perkins V Work-Based Learning Indicator
  • To access free lessons and activities for implementing school-based enterprise standards visit the MBA Research & Curriculum Center's State ;Connection webpage. As an Iowa educator, you will need to register and generate a login to access the materials. There is no cost for registration.

Laws and Regulations

Funding Structure

Information for School-Based Enterprises Serving Food – Visit the Department of Education's Smart Snacks page, and look for the section with the heading: School Nutrition, Student Groups, Family Consumer Sciences, and Coffee Bars. The Department contact for questions in this area is Carrie Scheidel.


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