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Work-Based Learning


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The purpose for Work-Based Learning is to provide students with opportunities to connect the real-world application to classroom learning while exploring career paths of interest.


Iowa Work-Based Learning Guide
Contains a comprehensive overview of work-based learning

General Work-Based Employer Checklist
Provides guidelines to help guide active involvement from employers

Business Education Alliance Work-based Learning Schematic
Overview of Work-based Learning Opportunities and Resources in Iowa

Perkins V: Work-Based Learning Information

Perkins V Secondary Performance Indicator: Work-Based Learning

Reporting District Work-Based Learning

Resources for High School Internships

Resources for Pre-Apprenticeships and Apprenticeships

Resources for School-Based Enterprise 

Community College

Iowa's Community Colleges offer many work-based learning (WBL) experiences within their curriculum. Career and technical programs offer a wide variety of internships, practicums, and career exploration. Transfer majors are also being built between the community colleges and universities with related work experiences in mind. Guidance for developing WBL within the curriculum is available within the following resources.

Iowa Community College Work-based Learning Implementation Guide

CIP Crosswalk for WBL Programs

Iowa Community College Work-based Learning Marketing Documents
   Internal Marketing
   External Marketing

Work-Based Learning Industry Toolkits

Health Sciences

Advanced Manufacturing

Sector Partnership Website
Includes comprehensive Iowa career and employer information

The Iowa Department of Education works with public and private support partners to develop robust and engaging career pathways that showcase the wide range of exciting, fulfilling, and high-paying careers in many industries that are often misunderstood or stereotyped in Iowa. These projects are in support of the Future Ready Iowa initiative’s goal of a more skilled and trained workforce able and ready to fill the jobs of the future. These projects include qualitative and quantitative research methods, including labor market data mining and direct employer feedback through a series of online surveys and in-person or virtual employer focus groups conducted around the state. Links to additional resources have been provided throughout the documents and the Future Ready Iowa Career Coach site for readers to learn more about these exciting opportunities in their local communities. 

Information Technology

Energy and Utilities

Advanced Manufacturing

Health Sciences

Building and Trades

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Professional Development

Iowa Work-Based Learning Coordinators

  • Attend the annual conference and connect with other coordinators for collaboration opportunities.
  • Collaborate online for up-to-date programming information and ideas.

Association of Career and Technical Education

  • Offers a section under New and Related Services for work-based learning.
  • Provides quarterly meetings and information to members via email.

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