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Iowa Literacy Council

To help combat illiteracy in Iowa, Governor Branstad established the Iowa Literacy Council in 1984. [Executive Order Number Twelve, September 6,1984]. The operations of the Council were later assigned to the Department of Education.

The Iowa Literacy Council is composed of members from business and industry, labor, libraries, state agencies, adult education programs, colleges and universities, student populations, volunteers, media, and community colleges. These members represent all parts of the state with various social economic, educational, and ethnic backgrounds. The council is active in promoting the literacy program statewide.

The Iowa Literacy Council was established to make a concentrated effort to coordinate literacy programs statewide, to minimize the duplication of such services, and to provide assistance to those individuals in need of the basic skills.

The Iowa Literacy Council is committed to improving the literacy and basic skills levels of Iowa adults in the context of family, community, and workplace.

The goals and objectives of the Council include an increase awareness of literacy through support of Iowa Adult Literacy by helping to broaden the perception of of the meaning of literacy and to promote understanding of learning disabilities in adults.  The Council also strives to enhance services available to Iowans by supporting new reader workshops.

Iowa Literacy Council Strategic Plan 2018–2022

More information on the Iowa Literacy Council

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