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Adult education teachers are instrumental in helping students achieve their goals. This site, a service of the Iowa Adult Education and Literacy Team, was designed to inform, prepare, and support both new and experienced adult educators.

2021 Iowa Adult Education and Literacy Summer Virtual Conference

This year's conference, titled, Refresh ◆Renew ◆ Refocus, offers a unique opportunity for Iowa to showcase and host over 40 sessions with speakers from across the nation and networking activities for attendees. The three day virtual conference will be an important opportunity to learn about innovative practices in adult education.

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Contact: Mike Williams 515-725-2005

WIOA Success: Fulfilling the WIOA IET Vision Through Integrated Education and Training
Integrated Education and Training programs represent the marriage of academic training with practical career preparation. During this presentation, we will explore effective use of labor market information, establishing employer relationships, and leveraging relationships with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) partners.

My Learning Plan

My Learning Plan is a system that assists local AEL programs with the management and support of the professional development needs of their staff while ensuring they are in compliance with the state's administrative professional development rules.

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Conference Presentations

2020 Adult Education and Literacy Virtual Conference – Document includes links to session recordings.
2018 Iowa Adult Education and Literacy Summer Conference
2018 Iowa Adult Education and Literacy Virtual Conference – Page includes links to session recordings.
2017 Iowa Adult Education and Literacy Summer Conference
2016 WIOA Conference

Policy and Standards

Policy Standards 2018
21st Century Skills Iowa Core Standards
College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education
Instructor Standards
Professional Development Policy (Draft – March 19, 2013)
Iowa Adult Education and Literacy Professional Development Standards

Program Effectiveness Resources

Iowa Adult Literacy Leadership Guidelines
Individualized Professional Development Plan (Template)
PY 2015 Instructor Handbook
Contextualized Instruction Research
College Completion Toolkit


Iowa Adult Education and Literacy Coordinators
Iowa ESL Regional Specialists (CAELA Trainers)
Iowa Adult Literacy Leadership Committee

Resources and Links

Burlington English Training Guide
Explicit Instruction with Adult Learners Video
OTAN Link to Lesson Plans Aligned to CASAS Competencies
OTAN Link to Lesson Plan Builder
Annenberg Content Resources for Common Core Standards
Cognitive Complexity - Depth of Knowledge Resources from the Iowa Core
Adult Learners 101: The Six Principles of Adult Learning
Online Professional Development - ProLiteracy
System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES)
Adult Education Literacy Instruction: A Review of the Research

Sector Partnerships
EMSI Definitions
EMSI Analyst Tips

Principles of Adult Learners
Principles of Adult Learning – YouTube Video

Contextualization Instruction - What is It - Part 1
Contextualization Instruction - What is It - Part 2
Contextualization Instruction - What is It - Part 3
Contextualization Instruction - What is It - Part 4
Contextualization Instruction - What is It - Part 5
Contextualization Instruction - What is It - Part 6

National College Transition Network
The Change Agent
NCRC Statewide Employer Listing
Charting A Path
Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training

AEL Institute 2014 Presentations

Algebra Pre-Conference
Grocery Store Math Worksheet
AEL Thinking Algebraically Group Math Worksheet

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA)
Literacyworks International
Adult ESL Training Video Project  New American Horizons
Concept to Classroom
Media Library of Teaching Skills (MLoTS) – A free, digital collection of short, authentic classroom videos intended for adult basic education professional development.

CASAS Assessment
Adult Low-Level Literacy Curriculum Modules
Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN)
CASAS QuickSearch Online
CASAS Implementation Training

STAR Handbook

Yay Math: Math videos and learning that inspire

Online Writing Lab (OWL)  Purdue University

Use a computer to do almost anything!
Emerging Technologies in the Adult Education Classroom
Tech Integration 2.0 Iowa

Learners with Disabilities
Learning to Achieve: Research-Based Resources and Professional Development to Increase Achievement of Adults with Learning Disabilities - Literacy Information and Communication System
PANDA: Minnesota Adult Basic Education Disability Specialists

Adult Basic Education - Overview – An overview of Adult Basic Education (ABE), recorded October 28, 2013
College and Career Readiness Standards - Overview – An overview of college and career readiness standards (Hinton), recorded March 6, 2014
ABE Program Profiles – Profiles of ABE Programs, recorded October 2, 2013

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